About Us

After returning from a dental mission trip in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Brian Harris found himself sitting in an urgent care fa cility on a Saturday night with pneumonia. Within 20 minutes, he was seen by a great doctor, friendly staff and was back at home in his bed wondering why the world of dentistry didn’t have something as convenient.

After doing a nationwide search and realizing that not only did dental urgent care centers not exist, patients with dental emergencies were actually filling Emergency Room waiting rooms and costing hospitals millions of dollars every year. Dr. Brian knew it was time to make access to dental care more available to the general public. He partnered up with his close friend Dr. Steve Frost and two weeks later OnCall Dental Urgent Care was born.

Dr.’s Brian Harris and Steve Frost have been serving the Valley for several years, each in their own practice. They’ve changed many patients’ lives by creating beautiful smiles, getting people healthy and out of pain. Together, they have assembled an excellent team of doctors and staff to treat you at any one of OnCall’s locations. They are determined to make good dentistry available to everyone whenever they want it.