Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Fresno

wisdom teeth removal in Fresno and ClovisOur caring doctors preserve natural teeth as often as possible, but sometimes, tooth extraction is the best way to protect a healthy smile, and wisdom teeth removal is the most common form of tooth extraction. Our doctors also complete extractions when teeth are too damaged for root canals or dental restorations at both of our practices.

Patients find that their remaining teeth function better after tooth extraction and replacement. They are able to avoid the severe infection and discomfort that would steadily worsen if they hadn’t sought treatment.

When Should a Tooth be Extracted?

Most adult mouths can properly accommodate twenty-eight teeth. Wisdom teeth typically add four teeth that the mouth doesn’t often have room to hold. Wisdom teeth put patients at risk for crowding, pain, and infection.

It is important for all young adult and adult patients to ask their dentist about wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth can force the smile to become crooked, uncomfortable, and dysfunctional.

There are other reasons for tooth extraction besides wisdom teeth removal. Some of these alternative purposes include:

Overcrowding | If you’re ready to achieve a straight and beautiful smile, ask our doctors about your current smile alignment. Some patients require tooth extraction to reduce crowding and prepare the mouth for orthodontics.
Tooth Decay | When dental fillings aren’t enough, extraction might be the best option to prevent the infection from spreading.

The Extraction Procedure

tooth extractions Madera and ClovisIf the affected tooth is fully erupted, a non-surgical extraction will take place. During a non-surgical tooth extraction, our doctors will rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it. She will then gently pull it from the socket.

When wisdom teeth are extracted before they have erupted, your dentist will perform a surgical extraction. During this type of wisdom teeth removal, our Fresno doctors will create a small opening in the gums. She will elevate the gum tissue and remove the tooth in small pieces.

Comfort is Key

We believe your comfort is as equally important as a successful procedure. During wisdom teeth removal and other tooth extraction procedures, we provide local anesthesia and dental sedation. You can sit back and feel assured that the operation will be sensitivity-free.

When you are ready to improve your smile with wisdom teeth removal or any other tooth extraction, our compassionate team is here for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at either of our offices today if you are in the Fresno area, including Madera and Clovis.