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Fresno’s Most Highly and Positively Reviewed Emergency Dentist!

I’m better than I’ve been in 6 yrs!


I had missing teeth and a bad bite. I feel 100% better. I had no pain, swelling, or bruising. I appreciate how I was treated here. Great doc, staff and treatment. Thanks everyone! I’m happy I did it.


Dr. Mirelez is the most highly and positively reviewed dentist in Fresno!
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I chose sedation dentistry with Dr. Mirelez because I had experienced a lot of pain with other dentists and consequently have anxiety when I need to have anything done by a dentist. Sedation dentistry was a Godsend. I was not nervous or anxious, I felt absolutely no pain. I recovered well. I did not remember anything! Dr. Mirelez is the best dentist I have ever had. He made me feel totally at ease and comfortable about my anxiety and assured me that it would painless. The care from Dr. Mirelez’s team was WOW – a wonderful, professional, caring team. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. Stella was great at laying out the procedure and medications for recovery. I am totally pleased and confident in Dr. Mirelez. I have found a great dentist at LAST!


Before I started to see Dr. Mirelez, my oral health was not good.  Because of my financial reasons, I neglected to care for my oral health. After visiting Dr. Mirelez and his Team, I feel much better about my teeth, although I need more work to be done. When I refer Dr. Mirelez to friends and family, I let them know that he is the BEST dentist in the Fresno area! He took my fears away. Dr. Mirelez is so compassionate and understands everyone’s feelings. I love him! His dental team is the BEST! They always greeted me with a smile when I came in. Because of his great care, I can say that I am NOT a basket case anymore when I see him. Thank you!

J.E. Fresno CA

Thank you for the lovely flowers. Also for each and everyone for the friendly and lovely care I received!

V. A.

I just want to thank you for the good job you did on my tooth. You are amazing. I also want to say that Yolanda was so effecient and did such a good job. You are so lucky to have her. Jerry watched her alot and said she was ready every second. We look forward to seeing you in July when Jerry will be coming in.


Blessings on you and your family.


Thank you for the great service while I was there. You are all so friendly and I enjoyed my visit to your office very much. Best Regards


I just want to take a minute to thank you for the professionalism and caring manner in which you displayed during my appt. I can’t thank you enough. I had not been to a dentist in 2 years because i was so afraid. I felt trusted that you would do the absolute best! For this I am grateful and happy. Thank you.


I have been very impressed with the office staff’s friendliness as well as their helpfulness. Of course Dr. Mirelez is the best!

K. G., Caruthers, CA

Outstanding staff! Such a pleasure to be under the care of such helpful,knowledgeable,caring, professional, nice people! Dr. Mirelez and all of his staff are the BEST!

M. Rontelli, Fresno, CA

I really appreciate Dr. Mirelez’s chair side manner and Dr. is very detail oriented. I also enjoy the staff and dental hygienists.

P. Schalk, Fresno CA

I felt comfortable and well informed about my dental care. The team was courtious and spent sufficient time to hear my concerns and to make me comfortable with the experieince. I appreciate the use of the technology. I would appreciate it if the Doctor would show me more precisely what issues he is going to deal with both prior to and after the procedure so that I can be comfortable with his diagnosis and understand clearly what he will be dealing with. Overall very satisfied with the experience.

R. Hemsath, Clovis CA

Superb Customer Service, Staff which is attentive to the patient’s needs. Very gentle cleaning, which makes visiting a dentist a worthwhile experience

J. Nkansah, Fresno CA

I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note in reference to my crown. I have doing a large amount of playing on the new crown. I am so happy! It feels so great and is such a huge improvement over the last crown that I had. In fact, I can’t believe that I put up with the old crown as long as I did (roughly about 14 years). Though perhaps had I changed it earlier, I may not have been so happy. Everything from eating to playing my saxophone is so much improved. Thank you for doing such a thorough job on it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Dr. Alan Durst
Lecturer of Music
Jazz Studies/Saxophone
Director of Jazz Orchestra

Being a high-end commercial dental laboratory in Southern California, we have the opportunity to work with over one thousand dentists nation-wide. Dr. Art Mirelez, of Fresno, CA, is in our top 1% of doctors. He prescribes only premium, name brand products. He methodically treatment plans his cases for the ultimate in patient care. He does not deliver restorations for his patients unless they are absolutely perfect.

If I were a dental patient in the central valley, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, I would trust my families’ care to Dr. Mirelez.

Shaun Keating, CDT
President and CEO
Keating Dental Arts, Inc

Due to a rare tooth condition, my front tooth had to be pulled. It couldn’t be saved in any way. I was upset because my teeth & smile were so much of my personal identity. I smile a lot – it’s part of who I am and it was important to me to keep my smile. Dr. Mirelez is a perfectionist & the most compassionate dentist I’ve ever known. He took as much time as I needed to quell my fears and answer my many questions about the complete procedure. Because he had been through it, I knew he better understood my feelings.

Dr. Mirelez is a dental artist. Even if I thought my implant crown was fine, he would not accept it until he thought it was perfect. It’s difficult to match a front tooth, but he did it! We are so fortunate to live in a time when implant procedures are possible. I’m very thankful for Dr. Mirelez!! My teeth are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how my teeth look! My fears were needless for no one can tell I have an implant for one of my front teeth. My new front tooth implant looks so good, that I can smile once again with confidence. It looks and feels so natural. With my perfect implant, I can smile big & confidently. I can eat anything now with no problems at all. Since I feared having a missing front tooth, (for reasons of vanity – both professionally personal appearance) I am greatly relieved to have a new tooth which looks so perfect and natural that I forgot it’s an implant. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mirelez to anyone who is considering implant dentistry. I thank God for Dr. Mirelez.

Carol Owens, Retired Teacher, Fresno

My front tooth fractured off at the gum line. We decided to do an implant to close the gap. I am glad we decided to do an implant. It took a while, but I do not regret it. Dr. Mirelez is a very good dentist and he has taken most of my fears away. My life is so much better now. I can smile and feel comfortable and I love it. If you are considering Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry, I would say, “do it, he is very good!” Dr. Mirelez is the best dentist I have ever gone to and I had a gone to a lot of them.

Barbara Vaughn, Retired, Pinedale

I wore dentures for over 20 years and was not able to eat comfortably. I would always get food underneath my dentures. My dentures were very painful when I chewed and ate hard foods. I was unable to eat anything chewy because it would stick to my dentures and I definitely could not chew gum. After getting my implant dentures I feel like I have been given another opportunity to eat like I remember I was able to 20 years ago.

em>I’m so glad Dr. Mirelez got me to understand the benefits of implant dentures because I’m truly happy I did it. I was afraid that that getting implants would hurt, but honestly, I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. Mirelez has a soft touch and his shots are absolutely painless. If you are considering Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry I would say, “Do it!”.

If you have any trouble with eating because of your dentures slipping, making noises or you are tired of gluing them down with all sorts of products, I recommend you do the implants because you will not regret it. Dr Mirelez and his staff are the greatest. They are always kind and courteous. They always explain everything they do to you as they are doing any procedure.

I love my new teeth. I can smile without worrying about my dentures slipping out. As far as my smile goes, WOW, I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference my implant dentures have done for even my self-esteem. I can smile, laugh and speak without worrying about my teeth slipping and sliding. I can eat anything. I can eat hard, crunchy, soft and even chewy foods. I forgot how good eating could be. No pain!!

Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry treatment has improved my quality of life because I don’t have to be embarrassed to go out and eat at a restaurant or even a fast food place. I would always try to sit in a corner facing away from people. I would always have to stop between bites and run to the restroom or cover my mouth to remove my old dentures to clean food that would slip underneath. Dr. Mirelez and his team are the GREATEST! They have truly performed a miracle for me. Thanks a million Dr. Mirelez and team!

I just want to say one last thing… doing the implant dentistry procedure was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I feel like a new person. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has any type of denture problems.

Angel Villa, Baker, Fresno

Before Dr. Mirelez changed my life, I was miserable. Many of my teeth were loose in my jaw bone, which limited what and where I could eat or even smile. I was embarrassed and had a lack of self-confidence due to my deteriorating bone and teeth. Although I am generally a very happy person, I never smiled and was often depressed. I am 50 and was not ready for traditional dentures on a long-term basis…I am too young. I had 12 implant placed to hold onto my new fixed crowned teeth. I now feel AWESOME and I can smile all the time and not worry or be embarrassed. I can eat in public again, including some of my favorite foods I had not been able to eat for a very long time…ribs, and corn on the cob, and steak…you get the idea. I certainly eat all of my favorite foods…sometimes too much. My new teeth look so real…no one can tell they are not my original teeth. I love to smile and feel great about how I look. Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry has changed my quality of life for the best…my self-confidence is back.

I went through years of misery and Dr. Mirelez gave me my enthusiastic life back. His office staff is excellent…there is none better. Dr. Mirelez and his staff met me more than once during his vacation time, off days and even during the holidays. I never was in doubt of the professionalism and personal attention given to me throughout the process. Dr. Mirelez was always there for me in my cheering section. After having the permanent fixed denture installed, I am ecstatic with the results. As I stated above, I can and do eat everything and I am smiling much more. I am so excited when someone who is unaware that I have a brand-new smile (thanks to Dr. Mirelez), compliments me on my smile…and three people have in the past thirty days. Just how do others know that I really appreciate their compliments? I only smile and say, “Thank you…I can not take credit for the beautiful teeth and smile, they are a result of the very hard work and dedication by my dentist, Dr. Mirelez.” I am honored to share my experiences with those of you who are considering implant dentistry either through testimonial, over the phone or even in person…I have been blessed to have started and completed this procedure with Dr. Mirelez…his caring and personal attention to me will always be appreciated. Expect perfection, as that is what you will receive from Dr. Mirelez.

Kari Traxler, Business Owner, Fresno

Before I got my implants, I couldn’t chew certain foods like nuts and it was very painful..


Now, with my implant teeth, I am one happy smiling person and feeling good about myself. When asked, “Are you glad you had implants done?” I say, “YES, YES!” Their just different because they allow me to be secure about eating anything

If you are considering implants, I would say have it done as soon as possible. There is very little pain with the process. Dr. Mirelez makes sure everything is well before he goes to the next step. Dr. Mirelez is very good and knows what he is good at. Mainly when it comes to the shots involved along with the process to complete the job. I don’t feel his shots at all!

My teeth look very well and are good and healthy and I like to smile even more these days. I even enjoy foods I didn’t eat so often like fruits, nuts and meats. I don’t worry about teeth hurting if I bite down to hard.

Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry has improved my quality of life by allowing me to smile more, eat better foods for me and most of all trusting and feeling good about coming to the dentist and not afraid or worried.

Dr. Mirelez is a very good patient and caring doctor. He really cares about his patients and how they feel. He explains all that he is doing and about what to do. He takes his time with you. I would send him any of my family, friends and neighbors to him. Dr. Mirelez’s staff is very friendly and helpful to all his patients and they show that they care about you too. They know their job very well. I truly mean this!

Emma Tyler, Retired, Fresno

I had no teeth and it was hard to chew. I had a partial that flipped around in my mouth.I feel great about my new teeth, it’s like having my own teeth back. It’s nice not to have your teeth out to brush them. I can eat anything and even chew gum.The implant process may be long, but its well worth it. Dr. Mirelez and staff are great. My implant look and feel very natural I would recommend Implants to whoever is losing or have lost any teeth.

Joan Hayes, Chico

I had an abscessed tooth that was an anchor for my bridge and it wasn’t fixable. I hate surprising pain, so I decided to get it fixed. My new teeth solid and look better than my old bridge. Dr. Mirelez told me exactly what to expect during the procedure. Implant dentistry sounds worse than it is. Just take one step at a time. It’s worth it! Dr. Mirelez was very gentle, concerned and very capable. He even checked on me at my home. My teeth look cared for and healthy. I always smile now! And I’m glad it was done! Unfortunately, I really enjoy eating again. I can chew without worries! Everyone in the office is so pleasant to deal with.

Kittie Kanzler, Retired, Fresno

I had a nice smile and then had a traumatic accident that messed up my smile. I chose to get implants and veneers to fix it and I love them. So far I had a friend who is going to Dr. Mirelez.

I would recommend Dr. Mirelez and if you are not sure you can have a look at my smile.My teeth look great and I think my smile is awesome! Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry got rid of my gap and helped me feel better about myself. Dr. Mirelez’s staff is awesome and I love the service. Dr. Mirelez helped me to regain my self confidence. Thank you Dr. Mirelez!

Lionel Zozaya, Construction worker, Fowler

My teeth were very spaced out on top. I felt like I didn’t have a pretty smile. I was very insecure about my smile. I got veneers and Iove my teeth now! My teeth look great. I feel confident about my smile. I would recommend Dr. Mirelez. He is very sincere about his work, honest and is great at what he does.

My new teeth look Wonderful! I can’t stop smiling! I love to show off my new smile.

The staff is very professional, caring, and helpful and has positive attitudes.

Marlene Lopez, Fresno

I would definitely recommend Dr. Mirelez. He is very personable and explains exactly what he is doing and why. All the staff is great! Very polite and personable. I like Dr. Mirelez’s sense of humor! He likes to joke around like I do!

Scott Loeffler, Coarsegold

Before my implant, I appeared to have a “snag tooth” appearance in my photographs. Now, my appearance has improved to how I looked before losing the teeth. Dr. Mirelez was very thorough in explaining the procedure. He makes it as simple as possible and is excellent at his craft. If you are considering Dr. Mirelez, I would tell you that he is an outstanding dentist that guides you through the process. My new teeth look super! As far as my smile goes, I Love it! It’s what I do most of the day my teeth were restored to “what used to be” which is great at my age—-64.

Dr. Mirelez’s team is exceptional. Thank you Dr. Mirelez!!

Tina Mizuno, Retired Teacher, Reedley

Dr. Mirelez, I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me in terms of my dental health. After more than 6 months of frustration and pain, my mouth finally feels back to normal and comfortable again. Until the pain subsided, I had no idea how much it was controlling my attitude and mood. I was tired and worn out all the time and not very fun to be around (especially for my family!). My whole world is different now and I thank you very much for that.

Again, thank you very much for all that you’ve done. Our family prays blessings on you and yours.

Kevin Scritchfield, Teacher, Auberry

I recently underwent a gum treatment that will take six months to complete. At first I was reluctant, but because I do have a family history of gum disease, I started the treatment. I am pleasantly surprised how well it is going! I think I have one more treatment & I’m so glad I did it. My gums feel stronger and for a lifetime of tenderness and bleeding, that all disappeared. I am very happy I am doing this treatment and would recommend it who is also considering it.

K. Kasparian, Fresno

Let’s start at the beginning. 5 years ago when I was told by my then current dentist that they could no longer help me, I sought out a dentist that took a creative yet time proven approach to dentistry. Dr. Mirelez wellness center came up on the internet and I began my research. Having receive positive feedback I went in for my consult. Basically, gum loss over the years had placed me in a time critical situation where something had to be done immediately to save my teeth. I placed all of my trust AND teeth into the team’s hands. A very strict regiment incorporating dentistry techniques that were foreign to me yet start of e art in the dentistry community were implemented starting with surgery, laser and ozone therapy, 3 month cleaning and exams, vitamins specific to promoting healthier gums and a commitment on my part to follow the routine resulted in my teeth being saved for hopefully 10 years. I am grateful for the technology and the entire Mirelez team for their dedication to making me a success story. My dental hygienist, Lisa, is so much more than that. She was and continues to stay abreast of anything that doesn’t look like right in the mouth, teeth and gums and we get it taken care of immediately. This is not meant to say that the other assistants in the office aren’t capable, just that I have been with Lisa for the entire program. She has been a 5 star performer and a valuable member of the team. Don’t look at pricing only but instead the fact that your teeth are pretty important and many facilities just don’t have the technology and resources for a successful outcome and also, don’t think that this is miracle cure. You have to be committed to the process and follow it. I did and I smile with all of my teeth! Would I recommend them? Absolutely.

Gary A