Meet Dr. Myra Van Hoff

Fresno, CA emergency dentist Dr. Myra Van HoffDr. Van Hoff graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry in 1989. In 2000, she moved to the US and got married. She received her California dental license in 2003. She loves to spend her weekends hiking in the mountains and is passionate about the outdoors. She loves to read, watch foreign films and plays classical music on the piano.

“I am honored to work with such a great supportive, highly competent team led by Dr. Mirelez and Dr. Gates. We follow and apply the practice’s core values of FAITH, RESPECT, HONESTY, EXCELLENCE AND BALANCE for each and every patient that we care for to bring them the best dental and overall health that they deserve.”
-Dr Myra Rebecca Van Hoff