Chipped Tooth? Take No Chances!

A chipped tooth may not cause you any pain, and may not even seem like much of an emergency. If there is no pain, that’s good. But you should call us at OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford, so we can take a look at it and talk about repairs.

It’s so easy to chip a tooth! You might bite down on something too hard, like a cherry pit or ice. Or it could happen in a household accident. Only a dentist can tell how severe it is. If there’s enough damage to expose the pulp, there is a risk of infection.


There are several things we can do to fix a chipped tooth.

  • Bonding. One of the quickest ways to fix a chipped tooth is with bonding. A composite material is placed to the crack and shaped to match the original. We can match the color, too. If you have the chipped-off part of the tooth and it’s in good enough condition, bonding also allows us to re-attach it.
  • Porcelain veneers. Another option is to hide the chip with a porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are custom-made to fit onto the front of a tooth.
  • Dental crowns. For severe chips, a dental crown may be in order. This is a way to completely cover the chip or break and protect what remains.

At OnCall Dental we specialize in emergency dentistry and have a lot of experience fixing chipped teeth. Remember that in an emergency you do not need an appointment. We have offices in Fresno and Hanford, where walk-ins are always welcome!

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