The Consequences of a Broken Tooth

Breaking one of your teeth can happen easily, and is a serious matter: even more serious than you might think. As unsightly as it is, a broken turn can also impact your dental health. If you break one of your teeth remember there is emergency care available at OnCall Dental in Fresno.

A broken tooth can result from a common household mishap, from a collision playing sports, or from an accident. It may also happen when a tooth is weakened by decay.

Chipped Or Broken?

Sometimes a tooth becomes chipped. This can be unsightly and should not be ignored. But we put actual breaks into a different category.

There are different types of broken teeth:

  • Craze Line Break. These are minor cracks in the enamel of a tooth. Most of the time they can be fixed by polishing and do not require any kind of restoration.
  • Cusp Break. The cusps of teeth are the pointy parts of molars. When a cusp is broken it should be treated as soon as possible so the damage doesn’t get worse.
  • Severe Break. These can be very painful, because it exposes the tooth’s nerve. A root canal may be in order, along with a dental crown.
  • Vertical Split. This is when a tooth breaks vertically, leaving the tooth in two sections. These too usually require a root canal and crown to fully repair them. A vertical break may start in the root and stretch upward.

A broken tooth is like an invitation for infection and decay. They can not only threaten the broken tooth; neighboring teeth can be affected. If an infection gets into the bloodstream it can threaten the entire body.

If you sustain a broekn tooth, don’t delay: call us at OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford. We treat all kinds of dental emergencies and can place dental crowns. In an emergency no appointment is needed. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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