Emergencies: Staying Calm Is The Way To Go!

Patient anxiety is not something we take lightly at OnCall Dental in Fresno CA. After all, we are a practice that specializes in emergency dental care, and with that area of expertise comes a duty to make sure our patients – potential or recurring – don’t incur even more stress than the emergency already entails.

In order to ensure that your level of comfort never wanes, and that any fears you might have are assuaged as quickly as possible, we focus on three things. Check them out below, and always remember: the intense discomfort you will most likely feel when you leave an emergency untreated is not worth trying to avoid the slight pressure you’ll feel during an appointment!

Three Ways Our Team Keeps You Calm

  • Calm, Comfortable Atmosphere: Our team is specially trained in direct communication. We will inform you of all your options before we begin any procedure, and will focus on pain management first and foremost.
  • Caring, Empathetic Team: Our dental assistants and staff are all friendly and approachable, yet still have the education and knowledge to help efficiently and effectively. It is this perfect balance between empathy and professionalism that makes them a integral part of our system.
  • Range of Sedation Options: In order to counteract any fear of pain or discomfort during the procedure, we offer sedation dentistry options. Whether you want laughing gas that wears off quickly, or a deeper oral conscious sedation, we have what you need to feel safe and secure in our care.

OnCall Dental in Fresno CA wants to be a safe place for its patients. Next time you’re suffering from a hectic dental emergency, think of us! Patients come to us for all sorts of emergency dental care. Contact us today!

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Keeping You Calm During An Emergency

At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, we know that a dental emergency can feel like the end of the world. When you visit us, on top of pain, discomfort, and shock, there’s also the added anxiety of the procedure itself.

The last thing a patient wants when they’re in pain is to subject themselves to potentially uncomfortable dentistry right afterwards. If you are letting dental anxiety prevent you from getting the pain management you need, our sedation options might be the best choice for you.

Our team has put together a small primer on all the sedation dentistry we offer, so you can rest easy knowing that your dental emergency will be dealt with calmly and peacefully.

Sedation Dentistry in Fresno

  • Anesthesia: The most basic numbing option in any practice, local anesthetics ensure that, after a small pinprick of pain, you will be comfortably numb for the entirety of your emergency dental visit.
  • Conscious Sedation: This involves taking a pill before your appointment. Your dentist will provide the proper dose of anti-anxiety medication so you can be relaxed, safe, and at-ease. Someone will have to drive you to and from the procedure.
  • Nitrous Oxide: You might have heard people call this ‘laughing gas’ and it’s aptly named! It puts you in a calm and relaxed state. You might even feel giddy! It’s a strange feeling to associate with an emergency, but it beats stress!

An emergency doesn’t need to be more chaotic than it already is. At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, we offer a comfortable, judgment-free atmosphere and our team of knowledgable dental professionals is ready to answer any questions you might have about sedation, emergency dentistry, or any other topic. Satisfied patients also come to us for general dentistry and dental implants. Request an appointment today!

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Dental Emergencies and Pain Management

An emergency dental procedure isn’t something you can plan for. One minute you’re shooting baskets with your friends, and the next you’ve taken an elbow to the jaw and are standing there with a bloody tooth in your hand. When  that happens, make a beeline to OnCall Dental in Fresno.

Dental emergencies are our specialty. In the case of a knocked out tooth, time is of the essence. If you get here within about an hour, there is a very good chance that the tooth can be successfully re-inserted into your jaw. If it can’t be saved, you may want to think about a dental implant – but we’re getting ahead of things.

In a dental emergency one of the first things we think about is pain management. We provide several sedation dentistry options. One of them, oral conscious sedation, is not really good in an emergency situation, since it involves taking a sedative and waiting for it to take effect.

We use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. Beyond that, nitrous oxide is an excellent choice. It’s been used in dentistry for more than a century and is known to be highly effective. You know it by its common name, laughing gas.

As it’s used in dentistry, nitrous oxide is really a mix of nitrous and oxygen. You breathe it in through a mask over your face. It works very quickly to put you in a very relaxed state. You may not laugh, especially if you’re worried about your emergency. But your anxiety will drop off considerably.

It works quickly, and wears off quickly too. Most patients have no side effects from nitrous oxide, although they do occur in rare cases. The most common include a headache, nausea, and/or fatigue.

If you’ve had a dental emergency, the team at OnCall Dental in Fresno wants to address it immediately and restore your teeth. And with sedation dentistry we can minimize, even eliminate, your discomfort. We specialize in emergency dentistry, and walk-ins are always welcome.

You Might Laugh: Sedation Dentistry

At OnCall Dental in Fresno, we handle a wide varitey of urgent dental situations. From weekend warriors who lost a tooth on the playing field to the kid with the severe toothache in the middle of the night, we have pretty much seen it all, and treated it all.

In many cases, patients arrive here in great pain, and are facing painful treatment. Sedation is frequently necessary to treat them quickly, efficiently, and without pain.

One of the most common forms of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas. It is often described as light sedation, probably because it does not put you to sleep. But nitrous oxide is enough to make most patients feel very relaxed. They may not actually laugh, but in most cases they are able to undergo treatment.

Did you know that nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry for more than a hundred years? It’s true. That’s probably because it is so safe and, above all, effective. It takes effect quickly, wears off quickly, and for the majority of patients, there are no side effects. A minority experience headaches, nausea, shivering, or sweating.

Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask, and is actually a mixture of nitrous and oxygen. It is so safe that it is the sedation method of choice for treating children who are anxious about seeing the dentist.

Remember that at OnCall Dental in Fresno, we handle dental emergencies on a routine basis. They include toothache relief and extractions. You don’t need an appointment; walk-ins are always welcome.

OnCall Dental: Always There For Fresno

Have you ever tried to find an emergency dentist on short notice? It seems all but impossible. If you’ve got a dental emergency, what might have been an inconvenience can escalate into something much worse.

Most dentists are the owners and operators of their practices, so they run them like most other businesses – that is, Monday through Friday, nine to five. It’s a different story with doctors. Medical emergency? Hospitals never close. You can always find an urgent care center or the ER, when there’s a crisis in the middle of the night.

And that is what makes OnCall Dental in Fresno such a valuable resource. We can provide everything from toothache relief to teeth cleaning. And if you’re one of the millions of Americans coping with dental anxiety, we provide sedation dentistry to get you through your procedure.

OnCall Dental in Fresno provides emergency dental care. Walk-ins are always welcome, and we accept most PPO insurance plans.

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Emergency Root Canals in Fresno

At first, it seemed like an ordinary toothache. But the pain got worse, so you drove to OnCall Dental in Fresno. That’s when the dentist said you’ll need a root canal.

Root canals are necessary when there is no other way to save a tooth. They treat the inflamed or infected tooth root. The words “root canal” have the power to strike fear into the most courageous heart, but today they are a fairly straightforward procedure, and with sedation, most patients experience little discomfort.

In a root canal, a dentist or an endodontist removes damaged pulp from the infected tooth’s interior. The resulting hole is filled. As a final touch, the tooth is sealed with a crown, which protects it and gives it a natural appearance.

Patients who undergo a root canal are, of course, given proper anesthesia. The infected area is totally numbed, so there is no pain. Even then, some people have a lot of anxiety about what they’re about to undergo. In such cases, sedation can get them through it.

At OnCall Dental in Fresno we are here to help. In addition to root canals, we provide toothache relief and other emergency dental care. Walks-ins are always welcome. Next time you need urgent dental are, think of us.


Types of Dental Sedation

Did you know that many adults share a common fear: the dentist. The number of patients that experience anxiety over visiting the dentist is a large one. However, with advancements in medicine, patients are able to be treated for their anxiety as well. This means more people can have healthier mouths and not have to worry about their fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry helps.

sedation dentistry Fresno

This is achieved through “sedation dentistry” or sometimes, “sleep dentistry.” The sleep aspect is a bit of a misnomer as rarely are patients truly asleep. Most of the time they are awake and still able to interact and respond to dentists. This is because many procedures call for the patient to be able to respond to dentists requests, such as turning head. It should be noted these types of sedation go beyond the local anesthesia used to numb areas in the mouth. These sedations are medicines that affect a person’s mind and ability to process where they are and what is going on.

There are four types of sedation commonly used in dentistry today:

  • Inhaled Sedation: this is the typical “laughing gas” that many patients associate with dentists. It allows patients to relax and sort of forget. It is not a full sedation and is allows the patient to recover (from the medicine) fairly quickly. This is idea for a patient that has to drive themselves home after a procedure.
  • Oral Sedation: the dosage is determined by the dentist and prescribed so that a patient can take it a few hours before the procedure.
  • General Anesthesia: this is where a patient is totally unconscious and cannot be easily awakened. Typically this is not needed for routine work nor for relaxing anxious patients.
  • IV Sedation: This is medication administered through an IV where the dentist can adjust the level of sedation as needed for the completion of the procedure.

Your Dental Anxiety Solution

sedation dentistry Fresno

Whether you need a dental checkup or have tooth pain requiring immediate care, don’t let your fear stop you from calling a dentist. At OnCall Dental – Fresno, we offer sedation dentistry to help put you at ease.

Conscious sedation allows you to be awake and pain-free during your procedure. Your dentist may give you a mild anti-anxiety pill or laughing gas beforehand. Laughing gas puts patients into a relaxed state.

Our caring staff will make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process.  From root canals to dental implants, our goal is to develop a treatment plan that works for you. Dental anxiety affects patients of all ages, so don’t be shy about letting us know. We provide dental care services to keep you healthy for life and we’ll replace your knocked-out tooth. Rest assured that our dentists working around-the-clock will be there when you need them.

Want to learn more about our comprehensive dental care services? We provide a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as emergency and general dentistry. Give OnCall Dental – Fresno a call today.


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What To Know About Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry Fresno

Dental anxiety is one of the main reasons why some people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. According to a recent survey, 22% of people said that their fear of the dentist stopped them from seeking care.

At OnCall Dental – Fresno, we pay particular attention to patients who have gathered the courage to come in despite their fear.  They feel comfortable at our practice because we offer sedation dentistry.

When you come in for an appointment, your dentist will determine which sedation dentistry treatment is best for you. We provide conscious sedation (usually anti-anxiety medication) or laughing gas. These treatments will be given to you right before your procedure begins. You’ll stay calm throughout the process, whether it’s a simple cleaning or a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as dental implants.

Want to learn more about our comprehensive dental care services? Give our office a call at 559-900-2332 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you have about sedation dentistry or any of our other services. Thanks so much for stopping by our dental blog. We look forward to keeping your smile healthy for life.


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