We Have Your Back During A Dental Emergency

If you suffer a dental emergency, you’ll want to contact OnCall Dental in Fresno CA as soon as possible – we can’t stress this enough. Though a general dentist might be able to help with pain management, and may even be able to fix minor emergencies,  you might need emergency treatment to manage pain or a missing tooth.

At the first sign of a dental emergency, we can assess your situation and advise on what to do to minimize pain and maximize the effect of your treatment options. Whether you experience a minor emergency or a major one, we can help. Here is what each involves:

Minor Emergencies

Uncomfortable conditions, such as sensitive teeth or gum disease, can be considered minor dental emergencies. This may also apply if you have damaged a tooth’s surface or the pulp, You’ll probably notice blood in your mouth if this happens. Though they can be treated at home, or by a general dentist, we recommend visiting us if they persist.

Major Emergencies

These include more traumatic injuries, like cracked or missing tooth, or major jaw damage. If your enamel fractures into pieces or cracks so badly that it breaks the skin, this definitely constitutes a major emergency. Similarly, if infection spreads from the root canal of a tooth to the surrounding tissues and/or organs, this is also considered a major issue.

Both of these cases – as well as countless others – can trap you in a cycle of pain and pain-relief meds. The only way out is a few hours in a dental chair; and considering the alternative, it doesn’t seem that bad to us!

At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, we want all our patients to prioritize their dental health and pain relief. You deserve it! We offer emergency dental care. Contact us today!

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