What is Considered Emergency Dental Services?

Many times when something happens to our mouths and teeth, we automatically assume it is an emergency – and in that moment, to us, it is. However, it is important to know what is a true emergency and what could save some time and money for your family. Conversely, this is something many people think about and will wait until the doctor opens, when really there is a much more immediate need for health concerns.

Some common injuries that happen and need immediate attention include:

  • Broken teeth: not a chipped tooth, but a break that is deep or painful. This is typically indicative of nerve damage and should be addressed sooner than later.
  • Missing teeth: sometimes teeth fall out. Sometimes they break while eating food. These situations should be addressed immediately.
  • Immense pain: if you are experiencing abnormal amounts of pain, then it is highly likely you may be experiencing and abscess or some type of infection. Serious pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. If the pain is interfering with your daily activities, its time to see a dentist, regardless of time of day.
  • Fever: if you have tooth pain accompanied by a fever, if could be sign of an infection.
  • Facial trauma: any major facial injuries that has resulted in lost or broken teeth.

If you experience any issues during office hours, call the office immediately. If you experience them during office closure, reach out to the office and the on-call dentist. They can advise you what to do for treatment until another follow up appointment can be scheduled during regular office hours. It is imperative to your health that you seek proper medical treatment in a timely manner to save both pain and money.

Luckily, Dr. Mirelez specializes in emergency dental care. Contact Dr. Mirelez now at <a href=”tel:559-900-2332″ onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘CallFromMobile’, ‘content’, document.URL);”>559-900-2332</a> if you feel you have a dental emergency.