At-Home Help For Toothaches

At OnCall Dental in Fresno CA, our team recognized that a toothache can be annoying, painful or anything in between. This probably explains why, as common as they are, no emergency dentist worth their salt would ever take them lightly. If you suffer from toothaches, intense tooth pain, or tooth sensitivity in any form, it might be a symptom of a more serious condition.

We like to follow a rule at our offices: If your pain feels like an emergency, it’s probably an emergency! This means that, while your toothache might stem from something as simple as brittle food scraping your gum-line, we strongly encourage that patients err on the side of caution. If the pain is consistent, or if it recurs over time, it’s probably best to schedule an appointment with us.

At-Home Solutions

There are a few potential solutions you can try for your toothache before you visit a dentist. However- and we cannot stress this enough – no self-analysis or treatment compares to professional emergency dental care. If your pain won’t go away, or is only getting worse, cease any remedies immediately and visit us for a professional opinion.

The following products can be used to prevent and get rid of toothaches and tooth sensitivity.

  • Pain medication
  • Salt water rinses
  • Cold or warm compresses
  • Medicated ointments

If none of these work, visit us at OnCall Dental in Fresno CA immediately. We offer toothache relief. Patients also come to us for tooth extractions and dental infections. Contact us today!

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