Is Wisdom Tooth Removal An Emergency?

OnCall Dental in Fresno CA knows how hard it can be to identify a dental emergency. With so many potential sources for pain and discomfort in the mouth and teeth, how can you know when something is a symptom of a larger, long-running problem, and when it’s an emergency that needs to be treated immediately?

Wisdom teeth tend to fall into both of these categories, depending on the circumstances and the situation. This is the main reason for the difficulty in diagnosis; most people don’t know if wisdom teeth require immediate care or not.

Err On The Side of Dental Care

In order to mitigate any risks, we always encourage our patients to err on the side of caution. Emergency dental care doesn’t only stem and mitigate the effects of a single ailment; it can also go a long way toward improving your dental health for years to come. An immediate fix during a crucial moment might prevent systemic issues from affecting your teeth and gums.

How Can Wisdom Teeth Be An Emergency?

In many ways, of course! Mainly, an erupted wisdom tooth can push against the existing teeth and misalign them. This can cause issues ranging from a difficulty brushing and flossing, all the way to tooth loss. It’s a wide scale, but it’s better to extract a wisdom tooth as early as possible to prevent any issues. Wisdom teeth can also cause pain at the eruption site and leave gum tissue inflamed. This can lead to issues like gum disease or an infection requiring a root canal.

Though wisdom teeth can start out as minor inconveniences – and some people don’t even suffer any symptoms – most of the time, it can evolve into a full-blown, painful emergency before you have time to think. If you wake up with intense pain in your back teeth, have trouble opening your mouth to chew, or feel any other symptoms of a major infection, we recommend visiting us for a wisdom tooth extraction as soon as possible. This is doubly important for young adults, as wisdom teeth tend to come out between the ages of 17-25 and can define our dental journey moving forward.

OnCall Dental in Fresno CA wants all our patients to trust our emergency dental care. Our team is ready to help you with extractions or any other issues you might have. Walk-ins are always welcome! Contact us today!

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