Something stuck? Try this!

Getting something stuck between your teeth is one of the most annoying sensations there is. If it’s stuck so bad you can’t dislodge it, you may even be looking at a dental emergency. If that happens, remember us at OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford.

Popcorn kernels may be the single-most common thing people get wedged in between their teeth, but they aren’t the only thing. Other culprits include seeds, and gristly tissue from meats or chicken.

Whatever it is that gets stuck, it can drive you nuts. There are some tried-and-true methods of dislodging even the most stubborn food particles.

  • Water rinse. This is the first thing you should try, and it can be very effective. The key is to rinse vigorously. Use lukewarm salt water and keep at it. Repeated rinsing may soften and finally dislodge whatever is stuck.
  • Tongue or finger. You may have used your tongue as soon as you noticed  it; this is a common human reaction. Adding a little sucking motion can help. If you have a long fingernail, try using it to pull the object from between your teeth. Wash your hands, before and after!
  • Dental floss. This is another excellent solution. Use string floss as you ordinarily would. This may loosen it enough so you can finally get it out with your tongue. If normal flassing doesn’t work, tie a knot into it for extra thickness.

One word of caution: never, repeat never, use a toothpick or other sharp object to try getting something loose. You could accidentally hurt your gums.

If all else fails, remember us at OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford. We specialize in emergency dentistry and have removed a lot of stuck objects from between a lot of teeth. In serious cases sedation is always an option. In an emergency you do not need an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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