Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

Do you have any tooth pain? How bad is it? For that matter, how bad is bad? It can be hard to tell when you cross that invisible line from minor tooth pain to genuine emergency. In this post from OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford we’ll review the signs that you need emergency dental care.

  • Severe toothache. Everyone gets a toothache now and then. A minor toothache can be treated at home with an over-the-counter pain medicine. If your toothache is severe and/or persistent, it’s probably time to give us a call so we can take a look at what’s going on.
  • Bleeding gums. A little bleeding if you floss too hard is one thing. It tells you: don’t floss so hard! But bleeding gums are not normal and may be a sign of early gum disease. If it happens often and is excessive, consider that a red flag.
  • Loose tooth. Loose teeth should not happen in adults. One or more loose adult teeth could indicate one of several things. It might be gum disease, or it may be the result of an injury or accident. Either way it should be looked at as soon as possible.
  • Abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is a severely infected tooth, and will likely be very painful. It is also serious, and may indicate a toothache that has become worse. It may also be a sign of gum disease or the result of a trauma. Immediate treatment is in order.

Any of these symptoms are telling you something is wrong, and that it should be looked at without delay. At OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford we specialize in emergency dentistry, including toothache relief. In serious cases you do not need an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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