Chipped Tooth: No Big Deal?

That chipped tooth you have may not seem like a big deal. It doesn’t hurt, so it certainly doesn’t merit rushing to OnCall Dental in Fresno for emergency treatment. Or does it?

It’s true that on that grand list of dental emergencies, a chipped tooth isn’t in the top two or three. But it won’t get better on its own. It certainly won’t grow back. If it isn’t treated, it could lead to other problems.

Worse And Worse

A chip may happen because of a cavity that has weakened the tooth structure. That menas that the tooth’s integrity was compromised even before it got chipped. Chances are it will be painful now: to hot and cold, and to pressure.

Perhaps more worrisome is that the tooth is more vulnerable to new cavities and infection. The more severe the chip, the more likely additional problems may develop. If it never gets treated it could lead to an abcess. That an mean needing a root canal, and if it spreads, it could compromise your overall health.

In and of itself, that chipped tooth may not seem to serious. But never take anything for granted. At OnCall Dental in Fresno and Hanford we treat chipped teeth, and provide complete emergency dentistry. Remember, walk-ins are always welcome!

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