Tooth Extractions: What To Know

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Sometimes the only way to fix a damaged tooth is to remove it. At OnCall Dental – Fresno, we frequently perform tooth extractions for patients of all ages. Today’s blog post takes a look at the dental extraction procedure and what you should expect.

First, the dentist will numb the area to keep you pain-free during the procedure. You may experience some bleeding, but it is normal and usually no cause for concern. Make sure to follow your dentist’s directions for follow-up care and diet. Do not smoke after your procedure and avoid drinking through a straw. Ice packs can usually take care of any swelling.

In addition to removing decayed or damaged teeth, dental extractions help relieve pain and discomfort caused by crowded teeth. In addition to making teeth healthier, removing teeth can improve the appearance of your smile and boost your confidence. If you’re interest in removing one or more teeth, and it’s not an emergency, feel free to schedule a consultation with us. For severe pain or other emergency dentistry situations, call our office immediately at 599-477-4553 . We’re for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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